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Tourism Research
We at N A F A believe that developing a tourism strategy for a target market, comes from an in-depth research in tourism. Destination research, target market research and competitor research unfolds the potential of your destination in the target market.

Destination Research
We at N A F A start with an analysis of your destination comparing it with other possible destinations looking at the overall feasibility in terms of:
- Accessibility for the outgoing traveller
- Presence of accommodation, activities, restaurants/bars and transportation means etc.
- Environmental impacts

This generally results in the feasibility and potential of your destination for the Indian market.

Target market research
We are one of the region’s leading experts in tourism and hospitality industry with an in-depth understanding of India which is your target market. Target market research incorporates the latest tourism statistics and trends, applied to your region. We combine statistics and focus on tourism trend finding out the preferences and choices of individual tourists, such as:
- What makes an Indian tourist decide to go to your destination?
- What booking channels and methods do they use?
- What are their main sources of information?

We specify your target market in demographic terms such as age group, income group, lifestyle and expectations. The results can be used for product development and distribution channel management.

Competitor research
We carry out a detailed competitor analysis that specifies your direct competitors on a regional, national or international level on the basis of company size, product, pricing and service levels.

We determine the Strengths and Weaknesses of your destination and the Opportunities and Threats within the local and national environment. This analysis helps in your destination positioning and identifying your USP, which is a critical aspect of your strategy.

Destination positioning
The outcome of the above research would be a strategy that will specify the best way to position your brand in the Indian market and also characterizing your product & services.
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