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Tourism & Hospitality Marketing
N A F A is the leading specialist from India, offering travel and tourism Marketing and consultancy to attract high revenue and continuous business. We advise on tourism, leisure and hospitality that is delivered by our experienced team of industry and communications professionals. Our consultants are experienced destination marketers and have been in directive positions with budget responsibilities. They possess the skills, to create a thorough marketing mix and our hands-on and goal orientated approach, ensures satisfactory results.

Product Development
The Indian outbound market is growing and new travel niches emerge every day. Your product and services on offer, must unite seamlessly with the new trends in product demand. N A F A helps you identify, how well your product matches the demands of the Indian market. We review your product and services, look at the development potential and position it suitably.

Pricing strategy is one of the most vulnerable and important part of a marketing plan.
N A F A judges your pricing strategy and revenue management and also monitors competitor behavior resulting in an optimal and competitive pricing strategy.

Distribution Channel
When you market and sell your tourism product through multiple channels, you want to know how these channels perform and what value each one adds to your destination. This counts for channels that you operate yourself and for any third parties that you may use. N A F A reviews your distribution channels and measures their individual performance in terms of quantity and quality. We improve your distribution efforts through optimizing existing channels and exploring the possibilities for new ones.

Branding and Communication
Proper branding ensures a consistent message and the right associations with your destination.

Our destination branding approach is built on powerful promotion methods:
- Organise and coordinate travel fair participation.
- Produce and distribute press releases.
- Maintain contacts with travel trade and highlight the USP of the destination.
- Hold presentations and educate sales and other staff.
- Organising and participation in press and travel agents’ educational trips, with airlines, hotels and DMC.
- Monthly sales calls to trade, corporate, marketing partners and airlines.
- Distribution of brochures, press packs and monthly reports
- Contacting Special group handlers like students, corporate and adventure to increase market share.
- Customised presentations to the travel industry.
- PR and media relations support.
- Reassurance program directed at high-yield travellers.
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